God Bless Our VeteransThe Home Sales of Tallahassee Team is proud to serve those who have served our country. We promise to give Veterans priority, to be the resource that Tallahassee Veterans can depend on to bet through the home-buying or home-building process. Our heart’s are in this venture with our Veterans.

Our Promise to Our Veterans

The Home Sales of Tallahassee Team is here to help Veterans find financing for their home purchases, by helping eliminate any confusion with the requirements of  VA loans. We are professionals and pledge you our support in finding resources for  Veterans with disabilities.  From finding rehabilitation  loans, VA loans, or VA New construction loans, our goal is to help you find what you need in order to acquire a home. We are dedicated to working with VA lenders as well as charities and non-profit organizations to help find financial and physical assistance to build or remodel homes for our Veterans.

Resources for Our Veterans

Our team wants to help Veterans learn about Tallahassee as well as find all that they need while living in the Tallahassee, FL area. A key element in helping our Veterans is that we understand what is needed by our Veterans with special needs.  We have an understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for homes that qualify for disabled individuals. In addition, proper use of the Multiple Listing Service listing information that pre-qualifies and categorizes  homes that may meet these requirements is equally important. Our staff is trained to recognize these criteria. (Download the 2010 ADA Standards For Accessible Design).

Our team is also here to assist our Veterans in the home-selling process as well. We offer assistance for Veterans in marketing their homes, setting pricing and supplying free market data for the Veteran home seller. For the Veteran who is relocating, we offer relocation services to arrange  movers, and Realtor referrals for them as they relocate.

The Home Sales of Tallahassee team wants our Veterans to feel as if they have an advocate in helping them find the perfect home for themselves and their families.

“In this time of war, and in memory of our fallen heroes, we must be mindful to do everything in our power to keep our troops safe as they keep us safe. We must do better to take care of their families, who sacrifice in ways too many count.”

John Kerry